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About Our Company

Merritt Communications Systems, LLC (MCS) began in 2008 when a young former project manager (wireless telecom industry) wanted to form a business that would service kidney dialysis clinic providing entertainment for patients to pass the time during their typical four-hour treatment sessions. His passion was to create a more relaxing setting that includes LED HDTV, important educational content, and quality TV programming via DirecTV.

Our CEO begin to introduce himself to the dialysis clinic industry by providing quality repair on existing patient low voltage TV’s and SMATV DirecTV systems at a competitive price. Within six months he was able to raise enough money to purchase a service vehicle and lease office space.

Merritt Communications Systems, LLC (MCS) continued a growth pattern by successfully upgrading Dialysis Clinics and Hospitals from Analog television to Digital television systems. In 2011, MCS entered the aviation market as a sub-contractor to a prime vendor at DFW airport terminal B. It was a key move for Merritt Communications Systems, LLC. MCS was chosen to restore the existing overhead paging/intercom systems, and update TSA announcements to code at all gates prior to Super Bowl XLV hosted at AT&T stadium in Arlington, TX. After being exposed to the aviation market MCS began constructing a new business prototype that would take the company to the next level.

A Few Words 

As they say, “There is no I in Teamwork”, every individual must think of his team first and the personal interests must take a back seat.


The bases found in our DNA are 4 letters T.E.A.M. A single brain sometimes is not capable of taking critical decisions alone. An individual needs the support and guidance of others to come out with an effective solution. When individuals come together on a common platform with a common objective of accomplishing a task, a team is formed Merritt Communications Systems, LLC.

Companies Who Trust Us

Merritt Communications System, LLC provide integrated services for many companies. Below are some of our customers, whom we have

completed projects for.


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