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Hospital In-Room TV Solutions

We offer a line of healthcare-grade LED TV's that provides hospital specific features required for compliance with NFPA 99. Additionally, these features ensure safe and effective performance in the healthcare environment.

Digital Signage Systems​

Extensive line of LCD monitors that are designed to maximize content quality and effect.

DIRECTV for Business

Turn your Private Office, Break Room, Lobby, or Patient Room into the go-to spot for great entertainment. Treat your visitor to the top TV, High-Definition, Sports, SonicTap® Music/Movie Channels, and more.

Preventive Maintenance

Are customers complaining about the TV picture quality? Do you have a TV system that’s outdated, or maybe your TV system is down? These problems can result in a loss of revenue. We understand and can diminish maintenance issues and down time by correcting signal issues and providing top quality repair of your televisions and RF distribution system. 

Television Repair

We repair all major brand Healthcare and Hospitality (PDI, Samsung, LG, RCA, Sony and Sharp) LED, LCD and Plasma TV's. 

Sound Masking Solutions

The primary purpose of sound masking is to provide acoustical privacy, primarily that of speech. In cases where conversations are sensitive or confidential, e.g., medical, financial, or personal discussions. sound masking contributes to clients maintaining a piece of mind while meeting HIPAA Compliance Regulations for Healthcare Organizations.

Enterprise Cellular Solutions

Solving in-building cellular coverage. Multi-carrier hybrid active DAS solutions for3G/4G/LTE voice and data. 

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